Garbage Collector

Expert Consulting



All Grades of

Recovered Paper


Post-Industrial Reclaims


 ERS International provides a wide range of services worldwide including:

• Project supporting
o Project management
o Technical consulting
• International logistics

o Import and export

• Brokerage: Brokerage service (buy-sell) of all types and grades of recyclable materials
o Post-Consumer Plastic scraps
o Post-Industrial Reclaims
o All grades of Paper
o Corrugated
o Others

• Equipment for scrap processing and recycling: Supplier of used and new scrap processing and recycling equipment

o Balers
o Conveyors
o Granulators
o Grinders
o Shredders
o Others

• Services in different languages
o Support and services provided in different languages (i.e. English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Hindi.